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03.08.18 – AUSA HENRY LEAVENWORTH CHAPTER Sponsored Breakfast with COL Gregory Fontenot, US Army, RET.

Join the Association of the United States Army Hendry Leavenworth Chapter Sponsored Breakfast with Guest Speaker COL Gregory Fontenot, US Army, RET. Being held on Thursday, 8 March 2018 in June’s Northland, 614 Pottawatomie Street Leavenworth, Kansas.

Date/Time Information
Thursday, 8 March 2018, 0700 hrs

June’s Northland, 614 Pottawatomie Street Leavenworth, Kansas


To Purchase Tickets, contact :
Mel Skaggs     913-680-7067     (
Judy Bauer     913-683-0696    (

Guest Speaker
COL Gregory Fontenot, US Army, RET
Consultant on Threat Emulation for Army Experimentation.

About The Speaker

Gregory Fontenot is a retired Colonel of the U.S. Army and a consultant on threat emulation for Army experimentation. He served as lead author of the book On Point. He lives in Lansing, KS. This book is included in the University of Missouri Press American Military Experience series, edited by John C. McManus.

Col. Gregory Fontenot, USA Ret., commanded a tank battalion in Operation Desert Storm and an armor brigade in Bosnia. A former director of the School of Advanced Military Studies and the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies, he is a co-author of On Point: The United States Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The First Infantry Division and the U.S. Army Transformed: Road to Victory in Desert Storm, 1970-1991, 560 pages Published: May 2017 52 illus.

This fast-paced and compelling read closes a significant gap in the historiography of the late Cold War U.S. Army and is crucial for understanding the current situation in the Middle East. In the two decades between Vietnam and Desert Storm, the 1st Infantry Division underwent rapid and dramatic change.

Faced with institutional collapse, required to adapt rapidly to volunteer manning, and facing a radical change of mission orientation, the Army’s post-Vietnam leadership rewrote service doctrine and revised unit organization, training, and leadership development for all ranks. As a result, when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August 1990, the 1st Infantry Division began preparing for war though they were not on the announced troop list and then spearheaded the rapid ground attack that swept the Iraqi Army from the battlefield with minimal loss of life.

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